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We Could Not Serve You If Not For These Heroes
Please take some time to get to know these wonderful organizations that give so much to the Veteran Community!

Connell Family Trust

Headed by US Air Force Staff Sergeant Ray Connell, the Connell Family Trust has been our #1 benefactor, helping to found VAA from the ground up. We are eternally grateful for their support and contributions!

Two years ago, Len Connell and his father Ray Connell decided to help disabled veterans obtain their rightfully earned and deserved financial awards and benefits from the VA, private agencies, and other governmental agencies.

Len had retired after having spent over 25 years in high-level financial positions. Len never served but Ray spent 6 years in the US Airforce and is a Korean War Veteran.

Len assisted his dad in obtaining a 100% VA disability award and other benefits totaling over $100,000.  

He wondered why most people who claim to help veterans in these areas fall far short of being effective. Less than 2% of all qualifying disabled veterans are receiving their full benefits.

So, Len and Ray decided to set up a practice and use the offer the system that helped Ray obtain his benefits to others.

The Connell Trust has invested well over $50,000 to date to achieve this goal.

Bianca Diaz

Bianca Diaz is a proud supporter of Veterans Assistance Angels. Bianca is a United States Marine Corp Veteran. Bianna is with the Boeckle Group.

Joan Anderson-Shelly

Joan Anderson-Shelly is a proud supporter of the Armed Forces. Joan's father, John, is one of the most decorated USMC Veterans in the State of Nevada. Joan is with the Signature Real Estate Group.

Sherry Rickard and Lyndon Holdeman

Lyndon Holdeman (A US Navy Veteran) and his wife Sherry Rickard are proud supporters of Veterans Assistance Angels. They are with Keller Williams Realty Southwest.

Steve Lambris

Steve Lambris has been actively working with Veterans for years, and was happy to help support the Veterans Assistance Angels mission. Steve is with Keller Williams Southwest Realty.

Gareth Law

Gareth Law has worked to help Veterans receive the lowest interest rates possible on their mortgages for years. Gareth is with the Elevate Mortgage Group.

Tim Klinger

Tim Klinger was one of our first supporters. Tim works for the mortgage lender Citizens Choice Mortgage.

Douglas Crawford, Esq.

Doug Crawford is a United States Air Force Veterans who served during the Vietnam War Era. Now, he diligently fights on behalf of veterans in a wide range of cases. Doug's firm is Crawford Law.

Steve Abbott

Steve Abbott knew Veterans Assistance Angels was an incredible way of giving back the moment he heard about us. Steve is with ATV Cycle Sports.
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